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What does an explainer videos do for a business?


What does an explainer videos do for a business?

If you are thinking of taking your content to the next level, then try sing explainer videos to create engaging content for your online marketing efforts. The most current trend is animated explainer videos. What does an explainer videos do for a business? These videos explain your services to your visitors, talks more about your products and serves as a guide to new site visitors on how to work with your company. There are various ways in which you can implore, but the most common form is the use of the whiteboard. There are numerous experts here, who can get it done for you. The primary reason why business owners use explainer videos is that they are a powerful marketing tool, apart from being versatile, explainer videos reduce the bulk of customer service calls or support queries. In fact, they serve a particular purpose in the world of video marketing. The following reasons are why you should consider using an explainer video.

1.) Explainer videos are more engaging than text.

The whole idea behind an explainer video is to engage your site visitors the more. Everyone loves to watch a video to see what happens at the end and same goes for explainer videos. A video marketing survey carried out in 2016 revealed that 98% of site visitors they had watched an animated video, while 6% said if text and video were available, they would prefer watching a video.

2.) Makes people spend more time on your website.

If you get a professional to design an engaging explainer video for you, it will increase the number of time people will spend on your website. This, in turn, will reduce your bounce rate and improve Google ranking.

3.) These are are versatile.

There is no limit to where you can use an explainer video or the type of audience you can engage with an explainer video. You can decide to share your videos on social media or send it via email to potential customers. Most businesses who have experienced tremendous results from animated videos said social media is a useful tactic for sharing explainer videos. Also if you look closely, you will find out some friends on your timeline share videos they find interesting. Same goes for explainer videos. This will go a long way rather than just posting the videos on your homepage.

4.) They help improve customer service.

The whole concept of integrating the use of whiteboard videos in your business is to increase sales right? Well, there is also an added benefit. Explainer videos not only boost sales but also enhance the efficiency of your customer service. The truth is no matter how impeccable your customer service may seem; users find it frustrating staying on hold to contact support or waiting for email replies. The use of these videos will create a more convenient way to get firsthand information and support. This will also free up more time for your employees.

If you’re thinking about revamping the design of your website, don’t forget to include an explainer video.

Rashedul Islam

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